Being an educator is a very challenging profession for me. In my career as an educator, I am open to new ideas and suggestions to improve my teaching.  So, I would like to be more involved in any activities that relates to educational programmes, attend educational talks, seminars, forums and conferences in order to expand my knowledge. 

My students are my main priority and I am aware that each of them has different level of proficiency in English language. As an educator, one of my roles would be to coach and facilitate them throughout the learning process by providing information and giving useful guidelines in order for them to achieve their learning target. 

In my personal point of view, a teacher should dare to be different because I strongly believed that teaching should not only be limited in the classroom. I often bring my students outside of the classroom setting in order to make them feel the real environment. I can see the happy look on their faces when I say "Okay class, today we are going to have our class under the tree". They will become more excited when they are going out of the classroom. They would be able to express themselves more outside of the classroom setting than they do in the classroom. 

I do hope with the approach that I used in my teaching, the students would be able to have their self-confidence, good interpersonal skills and good knowledge in order to survive in the 'real world'.

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