Critical Reflections 2

Critical Reflection 2

The Use of ICT in the Materials Design

Information Communication Technology (ICT) helps us a lot in organizing and designing our materials for the syllabus. We use ICT in most materials that we have.

The Web-quest.
We designed a web-quest for the learners in order to give them an assessment. This is quite a challenge for us because we need to find interesting materials to be included in the web-quest. We also need to take into account the learner’s needs and accessibility to the ICT at their place. We use the search engines to find suitable and interesting pictures to be included in the web-quest. We are able to create an interesting and colourful web-quest that we think would be  of the learner’s interest.

Movie Watching
We picked a Japanese animated movie entitled “Spirited Away” in movie watching slot. We found that the learners enjoy movie watching in the first camp. However, we picked a movie that is not yet being shown on any TV station available in Malaysia to ensure that the learners will not become bored watching the same movie that they can watch in television. We found that using this kind of ICT materials really help us in gaining the learner’s interest in learning English language.

Theme Song
The audio system is another type of ICT that we use in developing the materials for this syllabus. We try to incorporate the listening skills for the learners by having the theme song for the camp.

The use of ICT in designing the materials really helps us a lot. In my personal opinion, by using the ICT in designing the materials, the learners will become more excited knowing that there are lots of ways to learn and use English language rather than having the normal classroom situation.

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