Thursday, November 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone... Welcome to my Teacher's e-Portfolio...

Let me introduce myself to you readers. My name is Intan Noorazlina Abdul Rahim. I was born on 19 July 1981 in Kuantan Pahang. I'm the fourth child in my family. I have 3 elder brothers, 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. I am married to a very caring and loving husband, Muhammad Fazidin bin Yusoff. I have a handsome and charming son, Haris Haziq. He is now 2 years and 8 months old.  

My Family

My Family members *one sister is missing in this photo


On My Wedding Day

Ok now, enough of the pictures... (",)

I am now working as a lecturer in Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Kuantan (formerly known as Yayasan Pelajaran MARA). I have been working in this lovely and peaceful environment since August 2004. I graduated with B.A Hons English Language Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in May 2004. 

That's all for now. I will update this e-portfolio with useful information for you readers.